Code of Conduct

If you are a member of this Guild or a wannabe one, means you agree with everything written bellow.


Raiding Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Raid Invites: 19:30 Server Time

Raid Start: 19:45

Raid End: 23:00

Attendance: It is required for every trial and raider to maintain an attendance close to 100%. It goes without saying that if you have an emergency you skip the raid, all you need to do is to inform, ideally in advance. If you skip too many raids or the emergencies become a rule instead of the exception, you jeopardize your position within the Guild. In addition skipping a raid without informing will result to a Guild removal. In the rare case you are not able to inform in advance, do it after, but make sure it is not happening often.

How to inform for your absence: On our discord we have a channel called “i-will-be-absent”, all you have to do is to type there. Please do not inform verbally cause it is likely to be forgotten.

Raid Preparation: Every member, new or old must be very well prepared for the raid, which means

  1. Know all the abilities of the encounter we are about to face
  2. Have your own consumables before the raid start (even if the Guild provides them, you still must have a sufficient amount of your own)
  3. Make sure that your gear is enchanted and gemmed with the best possible games/enchants
  4. Make sure you have enough time to stay until the raid end, if not, make sure to inform the raid leader and your role leader

Raiding Behavior: Raid leader is the one handling the raid, every decision made by the raid leader should be followed by every single player within the raid, regardless their rank. It is our individual responsibility not to ruin raid atmosphere. Here are some things that you must consider when you join a raid in Nerve

  1. Never insult a fellow raider, regardless what you think about him, or how bad he/she played. What you can do is to inform the raid leader for any concerns you may have and he will deal with that.
  2. If the raid leader call you out while fighting do not reply, even if the raid leader is wrong, take it after the fight has ended and explain him what happened. Raging will never be tolerated and will heavily jeopardize your position within the Guild
  3. Never whine for a spot, classes and players will always be picked solely, based on each encounter’s needs
  4. Raid leader knows more than you think, do not challenge him
  5. If the raid leader decide to replace you, take it like a man and move on
  6. If the raid leader call you out, do not take it personally, it is never personal… And yes raid leader might be mistaken, calmly explain him why
  7. Never rage to another member of the raid for any reason
  8. Raid leader is there to judge you, not for you to judge him, make sure you understand that, your roles are totally different, he can die every pull, you can not
  9. The specc you will play is mostly up to you, if though raid leader wants you to play something else for any reason, make sure you will do it without any kind of drama
  10. Never whine about loot, like never, NEVER NEVER… Damn i hate people whine about loot…

Loot distribution: TBA based on BFA changes, stay tuned 

Discord: Is our main communication platform, we use it for vocal and written communication. In addition discord serves us as a replacement for forums, we have created some channels there, in which certain topics are discussed or communicated to the Guild, make sure to check those channels regularly for updates. The “i didn’t know” ain’t a valid excuse


Guild’s Structure: Nerve has a simple and basic structure. Our goal is to make decision making process fast and less painful. Thus, there is no officer rank, not to the way it is commonly known at least.

  1. Guild Master – Audasity
  2. Team Leaders – Nassas (Dps), TBA (Healing)
  3. Raid Leader – Zonic 
  4. Raider
  5. Trial
  6. Community
  7. Alts

Guild Chat Behavior: Respect each other, even when you disagree, do it with style. Do not cause drama, if there is a major disagreement take it on whispers, if you can’t solve it, go to the Guild Master. Do not let things escalate, will not benefit anyone, especially you.