Nerve originates from Vanilla wow, having several years of raiding in its back.

Guild’s goal it is clear and raises no doubts or questions, progress… that’s what we care about, all the rest are just nice to have. We have a very strong core of players that through the years established a unique way of communication, a way that not only helps them, but also helps the new players in the Guild.

We understand that in order to progress we need a well established community within the Guild, a community that is fully aware about what the priorities are and what it takes to progress. In Nerve we managed to have a cool but serious raiding environment, in which there is no room for slackers or players expecting to be carried. In addition we try to keep the air “fresh” by eliminating any kind of toxic behavior.

Roles within the Guild are clear and unquestionable. Guild Master is handling everything, securing a smooth Guild operation and a steady progression rate, for that purpose specific players are assigned to assist him, utilizing their expertise in specific areas of the game. The management has a get things done attitude, and in order to achieve that, we have a pretty fast decision making process, allowing us not to waste time on things that we shouldn’t.

But what makes us unique is that we value our members, we understand that without them we would never achieve anything, for that reason we make sure that they feel good being here by providing them consistent feedback on how they do, what they need to improve and so on. Communication with the members is regular and our key to success, it is a never ending process that keeps everyone on its toes making them to want to try more since their efforts ain’t going wasted… Someone always watching.

Thank you