Feels good to be back....

Audasity a posted May 3, 18

After one tier rest, the time for us to come back to the raiding scene has come. The events that took place one day before Antorus release are now past, and we have all the time to prepare for Battle for Azeroth and claim our spot among the top Guilds in the server. Tomb of Sargeras was the tier that we decided to focus on our roster, to re-evaluate every member, old and new, and make the additions required to be competitive in Antorus, for that purpose, progress was a secondary objective, testing our players to the hardest content was essential.

As a result, without extending any lockout on any encounter, we managed to become No 384 Guild worldwide. Before we kill Kil'Jaeden we have had 7 Avatar Kills when most of the progressive oriented Guilds (rightfuly) extended lockout after the first or second Avatar kill, not to mention those extended after Mistress. All in all, our effort to create a truly strong roster was successful. Sadly one day before Antorus release, some events led the Guild to seize raiding under Nerve tag.

What is important now, is that we are back more determined than ever. The fact that we have plenty of time to evaluate our roster and make the necessary additions helps alot, since BFA is some months ahead (from the time those lines are typed). 

As always our first priority is to recruit players that are eager to progress, they are not sensitive and they have the attitude fits a proper raider....

Very soon site will be updated with specific information about recruitment and what we exactly need